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Throngs, Revels and Circuses[edit | edit source]

Sometimes the party has a life of it's own, sometimes it begins to make decisions, sometimes it lasts long enough it maintains itself and picks up roots to continue. Of a kind with the Gestalts, Throngs are when the idol of worship is more about the overall experience of joy and revelry and socializing. The dance, the music, the slightly fogged sense of identity with opiates and hallucinogens or strange magic.

Generally parties are short lived, and thus the Gestalts they create are not able to grow. But occasionally there are successive generations of a Throng with the same revelers and courtiers and peddlers of song and dance. And from this core group successively more persistent throngs form until finally one awakens with awareness enough to keep the party going, or at least sow the seeds of its successor in the minds of its constituents.

When a throng grows to the scope of a revel it can consume entire towns and often times this can spell economic disaster for the local regions as everything is burned up in the endless orgy of consumption and careless joy.

But sometimes a deep and persistent core can be forged in that last conflagration, and from this comes the circuses.

They work with a near sleeping state hovering in their minds, striving for the next party. And then they arrive and the festivities come and unanimously they will leave with fresh talent and new hangers on and followers and fatter purses and newly stocked larders.

The party continues, and by now it has a will all its own for decadence and joy. It can sometimes grow so strong that the mere sound of its melodies will draw fresh humans into its constituency.

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