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Ti-Amtum is the current elemental lord of water. She is the spawn of Dimmum and Ghayubbus, the progenitors of the Dalmiric pantheon who were in turn the spawn of Nalashtannylor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ti-Amtum is an immensely massive sea serpent of a deep blue colour, of whose eyes glow a rich and vibrant yellow. Whenever traversing the mortal plane, Ti-Amtum often obscures herself with torrential weather.

History[edit | edit source]

Ti-Amtum spawned out of the unison of the serpent gods Dimmum and Ghayubbus (one of whom was the former lord of water), which in turn caused their death. Her lineage begins with the god Nalashtannylor who was said to have shaped Dimmum and Ghayubbus out of the primordial chaos at the creation of Telamon. The Plane of Water has remained greatly at contest with the Plane of Fire under the rule of Ti-Amtum, not only as polarising elements, but as Vulcardentron's presence has further fuelled the rage of the fire elementals.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Ti-Amtum's realm is the Plane of Water, a domain of a seemingly infinite ocean that stretches in all directions and has no known depth.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ti-Amtum, much like the element of water itself and her progenitors is an entity of both peaceful stillness and indomitable wrath; whilst she retains a certain sense of order and mindfulness, Ti-Amtum is known to defend her position as the lord of water and the master of her own domain - and in turn bears a disdain for those who do not respect her domain.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ti-Amtum has little to no concern over other elemental lords or deities of the Firmament, though she is diametrically opposed to Vulcardentron for his desire to consume. Other deities who bear spheres over water are of little pertinence to Ti-Amtum, however possesses respect for Nalashtannylor as a god that alters the very course of nature itself. Ti-Amtum is not unapproachable, though she does not often entertain the presence of other deities with enthusiasm.

Cult of Ti-Amtum[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants of the Plane of Water are avid worshippers of Ti-Amtum, believing her to be the mother goddess of the domain. Within Telamon, Ti-Amtum is revered among seafarers similarly to how Nalashtannylor is, and possesses small cults in Dalmira who believe her to be a goddess independent of the Dalmiric pantheon.

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