Tibias Marrow

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Tibias Marrow is the highest authority of the modern Cult of the Worm, being considered the high priest of Varagarash Narahil. An undead human of dark power and intent, Tibias started out as a mere skeletal servant of a now-deceased necromancer who escaped his master's lair during the latter's death, and spent several months looking for ways of becoming a master of his own right. He was eventually seduced by Varagash's whispers and infused with demonic power, elevating himself into the ruler of one of the largest dark cults of the world and becoming his god's favored mortal champion.

History[edit | edit source]

Tibias Marrow started out as Ricard Talonbane, a farmer native to the small town of Brittlewick in western Aynach, where he lived until his 30s. However, his home was eventually attacked by an elven necromancer named Czaranis Sabustras, who killed off the population of the city and raised them as skeletal servants, including Ricard. The transition to undeath made the former farmer lose all memory of his past life, and his necromancer master would begin to call him as Tibias Marrow in order to identify him from his various other skeleton lackeys, where he was given a rudimentary intellect in order to serve as a better assistant. He would proceed to serve this necromancer for the next decades at Duskwood until his master's lair was stormed by followers of Sepultura, who fought Czaranis Sabustras and killed him in battle.

Tibias survived the destruction of his master by running away from his lair when the witch-hunters arrived, sneaking past them and running off further north. As an undying being with no need to breathe, feed or feel, Tibias sought for one thing that could please him at this point in his existence: power. He sought to become greater than his master before him and did so by exploring ancient ruins linked to extinct civilizations and practicing the dark arts of his own, eventually becoming a potent wizard of his own right. Tibias eventually uncovered a peculiar ruin which held books detailing the coming of the Worm who Devours the World, which over time captivated the skeleton as he discovered the existence of the forgotten, imprisoned god Varagarash Narahil. Deciding this was his true calling, Tibias reformed the Cult of the Worm and used his magical powers to recruit new followers, expanding its influence over the decades. Varagarash Narahil took notice of this and rewarded Marrow by deeming him his new champion, before demanding him continue his efforts in breaking the monstrous god out of his prison, something which the insidious undead was eager to provide.

Features[edit | edit source]

Formerly an average man of Mannazeian ethnicity, Tibias is a walking skeleton shrouded in a ceremonial robe. A pair of red lights serve as eyes and illuminate the area around his face. He emits a constant aura of dread and darkness which trails behind him as he walks. He is a potent spellcaster, preferring to use spells associated with evil and darkness, though he holds no strong preference for necromancy; as the lord of the Cult of the Worm, Tibias sees it necessary for him to be a master of all magic rather than just one type of it.

Tibias is a highly volatile, loud, short-tempered and psychotic figure who displays strange mannerisms which make him appear calm, harmless and perhaps even humorous at times. However, he displays no regard for the living, seeing his own servants as little more than tools to be used by his god, and is more than eager to cause destruction in Varagash's name. To him, all of the world belongs to his god, and he intends to deliver it to him even if he must do so over the corpses of entire continents.

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