Tirsosím people

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A female Tirsosím, showing dominant traits such as red hair and light pink skin, with the unusual trait of blue eyes.

The Tirsosím people, also known as simply the Tirsosím, (tir-so-SIM), and colloquially as red elves, sea elves, pink elves, and light elves. Known as Rallerlkar by the Dwaerkar, are a Simíc race that inhabits the Tirsosi peninsula, to the far south of Borost. This símic race, although populous in Tirsos, is not as common outside of the city-state. Nevertheless, they maintain a significant economic presence throughout many of the trade centers of the peninsula, although their own economic power has waned over the last decades.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The red elves are mostly known as such for their flame-red hair, which they often keep in longer styles. Nonetheless, many of these Tirsosím have brown or golden hair.

Society[edit | edit source]

Language[edit | edit source]

The Tirsosím generally speak one of the Borost:Tirsosí languages.

Lands[edit | edit source]

The Tirsosím preside over the city-state of Tirsos, which has a long and fabled history. They claim some Draconic ancestry (Tirsos supposedly means 'star' in the language of the Draekar) in the form of Borost:Mandalos, who they claim established Tirsos and granted the realm to the elves. Nonetheless, the realm is trenchantly decadent, with its territorial extension falling rapidly over the last few centuries. At the moment, they only have the furthest extremity of the Tirsosí peninsula.

Currently, the city-state remains locked in civil strife. The Borost:Tirsosí Civil Wars, most recently punctuated in the War of the Ten Claims, have pitted Ainé, the Exiled King, of house Gailhaid, against many noble claimants, including the houses of Aodhnait and Geilás.