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Tritonomarth is the current elemental lord of water.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Blue God is a creature resembling an enormous cross between a shark and an octopus; his body is that of a fish, sporting three rows of sharpened teeth, while massive hooked tentacles grow from the sides of his torso. He has a large, curved dorsal fin which is accompanied by many rows of brown, bony spikes.

History[edit | edit source]

Tritonomarth is the oldest of the elemental lords, because of that he claims to be the one and only lord of the Plane of Water. Tritonomarth tries to eliminate any competence in the Plane of Water. While many would-be usurpers were talked down by the demigod, others were devoured by him.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Tritonomarth is the ruler of the Plane of Water, an eternal ocean of infinite depths and one of the four parts of the Elemental Plane.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike most greater elementals, Tritonomarth is a relatively serene entity, content to spend most of his time aimlessly swimming across his domain and watching it unravel. He has little interest in intervening in the politics of his subjects, preferring to keep the status quo of his dominion, but will intervene if he feels his power is being challenged. Among the elemental lords, he is one of the most approachable, though caution must always be taken when interacting with a creature as fickle as an elemental demigod.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The King of the Endless Depths prefers to keep to himself in most circumstances and rarely interacts with other deities. His most constant enemies are Vulcardentron and Constarnach, due to their constant desire to expand their domains leading them to attack the Plane of Water very often. He has no interest in water deities from beyond the Plane of Water, seeing them as undeserving of his attention. The existence of Ti-Amtum is not recognised by followers of Tritonomarth.

Cult of Tritonomarth[edit | edit source]

Tritonomarth is worshiped as the patron of all inhabitants of the Plane of Water.

In Telamon, spellcasters who dedicate themselves to water-based magic may hold allegiance to Tritonomarth. He is known to have a small but significant following in the nations of Meerland and Aelvana due to their heavy nautical culture.

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