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Hateful Ancients[edit | edit source]

Trolls hate change, Trolls want everything to stay the same. They focus on preserving things, don't regenerate. They "restore to previous version of themselves". As they restore, they often integrate and "change" which they also hate. If they restore their head, and you’ve taken it, it'll grow back on their head and it'll disappear from your bag. Because it's the same head. Formed from bitter despair and endless frustration of goals, while still soldiering onwards.

They hate change, all change. And the world keeps changing and Trolls don't die of age, so they get more and more hate. Sometimes a village can have one as a protector. It works okay so long as they keep calling their kids by hereditary names, and not really changing anything.

The broad stroke of a Troll's life goes through a few stages. Initially, there is the singular mission or rut that leads them into being a Troll. In time, their anger and irritation grow to encompass more and more of their environment, as more and more things change. Time passes, and the Troll grows more trollish as its frustration grows, until eventually it cannot escape the realization that it itself has changed grossly and immensely. In a fit of furious self-hatred, they rampage, destroying everything in their path. Eventually, they burn out, and in the wake of their rage, they find everything they once knew and clung to is gone, and fall into a deep depression. They slow, and become every more stone-like, until they slump to the ground and enter a deep catatonia, their hill-sleep. Only a powerful force changing the world around them will rouse them from their torpor, evoking their immense wrath.

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