Tue Melzaft

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Tue Melzaft
File:Tue Melzaft.jpg
Tuederick Melzaft

12 Leveerdans +506
ResidenceGrand Library, Ouwestad
Alma materNone
Home townOuwestad

Tuederick "Tue" Melzaft, known (even professionally) as Tue Melzaft is a biologist, geographer, archaeologist, academician, intellectual, and professor at the Grand Library. His work specializes in biogeography, hydrology, topology, and climatology.

Melzaft, vilified throughout the circles of the academia as being an impetuous and boisterous youngster, is often criticized for high mortality rates in his expeditions. However, his scientific findings and conclusions have been met with widespread acclaim.

Lifespan[edit | edit source]

Early years[edit | edit source]

Incredibly, Melzaft never attended an institution of higher education -- he is completely self-taught, primarily based on his reading of volumes in the Grand Library.

Professional work[edit | edit source]

Melzaft is recognized as the highest authority in biogeography and hydrology in the land.

He is considered an impulsive youngster by his academic peers. Particularly, his work in the Great Swamp and the Izlenteft mountains has been criticised as "suicidal;" these two expeditions, in particular, directly resulted in the deaths of 36 Dwaerkar who accompanied him.

Perhaps suspiciously, Melzaft has yet to be harmed in his expeditions.

Melzaft expeditions[edit | edit source]

I Melzaft[edit | edit source]