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A type -4.0 civilization is one that can control a single string in space, allowing whole particle control. These civilizations can simulate whole forces within their points without using much of a civilization's energy, and said civilizations can also exploit particle interaction in order to go near void pockets, which have potential to move their particle across large areas.

More advanced type -4.0 civilizations don't even need to simulate forces or rely on void pockets; due to most advanced type -4.0 civilizations having points for entities instead of non-existent entities, if these points can together hop a infinite amount of points in total, then since infinity * infinitesimal = a normal number, whole forces can created.

Once these civilizations master "point piloting" and map out the various possible subatomic particles and how they interact, they can get particles to act in desired ways, such as particle bonding, high-speed particle acceleration, etc.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

If a civilization masters the various forces of the universe via string vibrations in order to get particles to bond/accelerate, they can travel with ease, and can also exploit having immense amounts of a given force in order to attract a lot of subatomic particles, allowing for ease of energy collection. This leads to a type -3.0 civilization.

Devolution[edit | edit source]

However, a civilization at this level can also try to vibrate their string too much, causing their home string to break into pieces, leaving points scattered everywhere. This leads to a type -5.0 civilization.

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