Unbekant Empire

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The old colossus of the East: the Unbenkant Empire. The Empire is not a pleasant place.

Ruled by an Undead Lich Lord without a soul, it's the last real threat the living nations face. It is also the greatest. While western nations grew closer together and even started trading, the Empire invaded the Kingdom of Man not once, but twice. The first time was ten years ago, and was repelled by a grand alliance of Creations and Men. The Empire, refusing to learn from its mistakes, tried again five years later. They were defeated once more, but not before destroying the Kingdom of Man and carving out a large portion of its territory. Now the Empire's forces lie in wait, watching, but not moving. A war of attrition to see who will blink first.

If they wish to survive, the forces of Men cannot wait any longer. They must act.

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