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Beauty and Goodness[edit | edit source]

Inherently good, but hard to communicate with, unicorns and the other dream horses can shape shift, heal, destroy, restore, forge mythical things or harvest reagents that are literally impossible (such as a fabric woven of the night sky in summer). All of the dream horses are brought to the world by a sincere and deep dream, in particular Unicorns are called by dreams of hope and change for the better. They are alien forces pulled here, they communicate not as minds like humans, but they are benign.

For unclear reasons they usually appear vaguely like a horse or deer with a single horn coming from the forehead.

A unicorn will always attempt to do good, but their power is not infinite, they grow stronger when the dream or hope that summoned them is fed and grows. When others hope and strive with them unicorns grow stronger. When others lose hope or despair against their foes unicorns grow weaker. A unicorn will never perform evil knowingly, and they will almost never commit to action unless they understand it well enough to know it is good. They are difficult to communicate with, speaking to them is like speaking to a dream and requires repetition, songs, poems and raw emotion. They are difficult to sway with logic and thus the evils of the world which are perpetuated by complexities are very difficult to convey or gain their aide on.

They do not seem to have a sense of self preservation, or their code of conduct demands self sacrifice, however they are aware of others depending on them and will not take actions of self sacrifice if it leaves those that depend on them undefended.

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