Vampires (Firmament)

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Vampires are a type of cursed, intelligent undead who are characterized by great power and a thirst for blood.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vampires, compared to other forms of undead, tend to be much better preserved and rarely, if ever experience the rotting of body parts, though they tend to grow unnaturally pale over time. Instead, they possess animalistic features reminiscent to bats, with their most striking features being their elongated canine teeth, which allows them to puncture and suck blood, generally by biting the victim's neck. Other typical physical transformations include pointed ears on races who normally lack them and nails turning into sharp claws. Blood-starved vampires tend to grow increasingly more monstrous, eventually transforming into bat-like abominations.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Vampirism is a magical curse which vampires pass through their bite, though merely getting bit by one is not a guaranteed for the transformation to occur; vampires generally only grant their Blood Kiss to those they deem worthy, and must consciously choose to pass the curse in the bite, otherwise they will merely feed on the victim. Most vampires have become what they are willingly, while others may pass the curse as a form of punishment.

Vampires require no sustenance, having no need to eat food or drink water. However, they possess an unnatural thirst for blood which they must feed on in order to preserve their sanity. While they can feed on animals, vampires prefer the blood of intelligent or magical beings, as they are supposedly more effective at easing their thirst. Older and more powerful vampires are able to go longer periods without feeding.

The average vampire is many times stronger, faster and more resilient than a typical member of their own race, with one of their most well-known features being a powerful form of immortality in that their entire bodies, while susceptible to injury, will always heal unless their hearts are destroyed, which leads to their true death. They are immune to magic based on unholy darkness, but fear all holy energies, which are generally the best means of destroying undead. Vampires are creatures of the night, able to hide in shadows and seeing in the dark much better than the average person, but they are particularly hindered by sunlight, to the point prolongued exposure leads to their destruction.

A number of deities are associated with the vampire curse, such as Sutinn-Ur. Other vampires worship gods of undeath such as Tlahvaratlam.

The result between the union of a vampire and a mortal humanoid is called a dhampir, a living creature possessing many features typical to the undead, despite not being such.

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