Varelos von Aschenbrener

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No more shall I be commanded by ze veak and pathezic. No more shall I bend ze knee! Now I vill rule over ze land, for I am ze rightful ruler of mankind! I. AM. VON ASCHENBRENER!
โ€” Varelos, in the battle which drove the elves from Thamrantha

Varelos von Aschenbrener is an ancient human from Thamrantha, the land now known as Duskwood, who rules as the immortal count of the vampire baronies who rule that region today. The first dusklander vampire, he embraced undeath in exchange for power when he made a pact with Analuhati, the demon lord of forbidden knowledge, and rules the land with a firm fist. A follower of darkness, he believes the world exists to be led by him and his bloodline, though unlike most of his descendants, he holds no particular hatred for the living or other races, understanding that a ruler is nothing without followers.

History[edit | edit source]

The Blood Pact[edit | edit source]

Varelos Aschenbrener begun his life in 1666 3E as a servant of the elves who ruled over the land of Thamrantha, as was the case of the rest of family, who were considered second-class nobility by their elven masters. His desire for power led him to seek means to usurp it from the elves, a dark road which led him to commune with demons and eventually earned him an audience with the terrible Analuhati, the demon lord of forbidden knowledge. Making a deal with the demon, Varelos and his bride Anian made what is called the Blood Pact with Analuhati, gaining immense power in exchange of being transformed into the first bloodline of Analuhatean vampires.

Now naming themselves the von Aschenbrener bloodline, Varelos and Anian passed the vampire curse to the rest of their families and soon enough vampirism was spreading across the land, causing humans and elves alike to become creatures of the night under the service of the self-proclaimed Count von Aschenbrener. Survivors were either subjugated or fled the region, and Varelos proceeded to unleash his final demonstration of power by casting a ritual which plunged the region into a state of perpetual night; so was Duskwood born. With his power consolidated, Varelos ordered the construction of Castle Oldenberg, a residence fit for a lord like him, and split up the land into provinces for his trusted vampires to rule over, leading to the creation of the vampire baron orders.

The Mannazei Horde[edit | edit source]

At 1746 3E, a horde of humans under the leadership of Ahmalhrich Stormsword attacked the Aithrena elves from the east, seeking to take the lands north of Duskwood for their own. The vampire barons saw this as an opportunity to expand their numbers and quietly infiltrated both the horde and their elven enemies, turning many into vampires over the course of many weeks. Varelos did not involve himself personally in these operations, but approved of them nonetheless.

Ahmalhrich Stormsword eventually caught wind of vampires among his ranks and begun hunting them down. His incredible skill caught the attention of Count Varelos, for he was a mere man who was seemingly powerful enough to destroy vampires single-handedly. Seeking to assert his dominance as the true lord of those lands, Varelos personally travelled to the battlefield and challenged Ahmalhrich to a swordfight. What transpired depends on the legend being told, but the human warlord managed to defeat the vampire count and sent him running back to Duskwood; the sight of their most powerful lord retreating caused the vampire forces to flee the region, allowing Ahmalhrich and his men to continue their campaign against the Aithrena uninterrupted.

Features[edit | edit source]

Varelos an intimidating figure to behold; the aged count of Castle Oldenberg is a pale, gray-skinned human man with pointed ears, fangs which protrude from his lips and eyes shaped like those of a feline. He wears a suit of fancy black and red clothing which holds in it a belt with the symbol of the von Aschenbreners in it - a sillhouette of Analuhati's roaring face - and has a scar across his upper right lip which causes his expression to resemble a snarl by default, though the effect dominishes when he actually emotes. His weapon of choice is Thamrantha's Demise, a greatsword he wields in one hand which is blessed by the unholy magics of Analuhati, and holds in it the power to consume souls and transfer their agony to those struck by it.

An ambitious and power-hungry man, Varelos sees himself as the true lord of the land. As an ancient human noble who rules over former elven lands, he claims the crown of both Mannazei and [aithrena nation] as his, and awaits the opportunity to strike at these nations to take them as his own. However, despite his dark intent, he is not like many of his servants who see the living with contempt; he is willing to leave them alive provided they obey him, and while he usurped the former elven lords of Thamrantha, he was motivated by thirst for power rather than for any hatred for their kind.

Varelos' mount is a zombie grimdusk dragon named Blightfiend, often used when the count needs to discipline his followers or during war time.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • Anian von Aschenbrener - Varelos' love for Anian is eternal and undying, and has remained as strong now as the day they've met.
  • Ambivalent
    • N/A
  • Enemies
    • N/A

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