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And in the fortress of grand betrayal, where the radiant fell from the heavens, all that is good becomes null, and all that is real reigns supreme. With his claws, the work of the gods of light is rendered asunder.
โ€” Irkallan Epitaph, describing Vealdimar

Vealdimar is the demon lord of corruption, defilement, envy and selfishness.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vealdimar resembles a handsome, well-built and fair-skinned High Elf man with long, flowing blonde hair with a pair of white, feathered wings, not unlike an angel. However, the differences quickly become evident as his body is covered in open wounds, his pupils are pitch red, his mouth is filled with dragon-like teeth and bony spikes grow from the joins of his wings in the form of claws. His casual attire is limited to a choker and a loincloth, though in times of battle, he is known to summon a massive suit of black, spiked plate armor which resembles a corrupted version of angelic armor.

History[edit | edit source]

According to legend, Vealdimar begun his existence as one of the greatest Astral Devas of Aldirei. He lived at the Court of Paladins and served the goddess of justice as one of their closest advisors. However, during a crusade against Irkalla, Vealdimar was seduced by the Succubus queen Hamoilles and was transformed into a creature of darkness by her. He proceeded to slaughter every angel he once commanded over, with only a single soldier managing to return back to Ziana to inform Aldirei of what happened. Over time, Vealdimar fed on mortal betrayal and trickery until he ascended into demigodhood himself.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Vealdimar's dominion in Irkalla is called Betrayer's Rise, an immense plateau with a great structure, the Fortress of Dread, at its center. The area around the building is battered and burned with hellfire, with rivers of magma flowing across the landscape. A number of enchanted walls protect each portion of the plateau; their magics disallow any from simply teleporting or flying over them, and they can only be passed by those considered particularly treacherous.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Vealdimar embodies the corruption and defilement of all that is pure and good. He takes immense glee in perversing the works of the gods in order to fuel his own ego. He is also a deity of envy, for he is incredibly power-hungry and always believes the other deities of Irkalla hold positions which should belong to him and him alone. However, at times, traces of his angelic attributes are known to manifest; rarely, he displays a surprising amount of mercy and even empathy, despite his own attempts to eradicate his former self entirely.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

While all demon lords distrust one another, Vealdimar's nature as a former angel leads many to think lowly of him. Meanwhile, the Fallen Angel is always looking for the opportunity to gain power over the other lords due to being envious of their influence. Among them, he is closest to Hamoilles, and the two are regular lovers. Druacath considers him a petty coward, and Skanqrak dislikes anyone other than himself corrupting the works of the gods. Aldirei, the deity who Vealdimar once served, is still deeply hurt by his betrayal and has vowed to one day bring the Betrayer to justice by her blade.

Cult of Vealdimar[edit | edit source]

Vealdimar's worshippers are typically sadistic and egotistical madmen. Small guilds of unsavory assassins-for-hire also are known to praise the Fallen Angel, seeing him as an inspiration in their line of work and praising him by offering their victims' last gasps in his name; Vealdimar in turn rewards such behaviour by influencing their next victims to be easy kills.

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