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Voniana Theevrolde is the sole cultural goddess of the Gnome race, embodying the spheres of gemstones, luck, trickery and innovation. She is considered a 'guest' among the Dwarven Pantheon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Voniana is depicted as a beautiful Gnomish woman with very long, flowing hair which has a vibrant blue colouration, akin to sapphire. Her pupils are gemstones, the type which changes depending of her mood. Certain description depict her entire body being made out of stone rather than flesh.

History[edit | edit source]

It is said that Voniana Theevrolde was once a Dwarf woman; most specifically, she is said to have been a miner who happened to be the one who accidentally breached the Plane of Earth, leading to the people of her homeland being transformed into the first Gnomes, which by extension makes her the very first of her kind. The primordial energies of that plane coursed through her and ascended her into an immortal being, causing her to stand before the great god Skasdrumri, who recognized her divinity and offered to take her as an adoptive daughter provided she took good care of the newly-born Gnome race.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Voniana has no realm of her own, and instead spends most of her time in Telamon under the guise of an illusive Gnomish stone trader. She is known to often visit the Forge of Worlds of Ziana, where she spends time with the Dwarven gods, and also visits the Plane of Earth regularly, typically to prank and annoy the elementals there in order to steal their valuable gemstones.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Voniana Theevrolde is said to be a friendly goddess with an infamous sense of humour; she is a known trickster and takes great pleasure in fooling her rivals. She encourages her people to keep moving forward and make a future for themselves via creativity and innovation, as she believes most Dwarves are too traditional. Predictably, she adores gems and jewelry made from them above all else, and goes through great lengths to acquire exotic gemstones to add to her collection.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Due to her Dwarven origins, Voniana has a strong relationship with the gods of the Dwarves. Skasdrumri, the father of dwarvenkind, sees She of the Sapphire Eyes as an adoptive daughter, though is quite critical of her somewhat shady behavior and recklessness, believing her to be somewhat irresponsible. She has, on numerous occasions, attempted to steal precious gems from Almonohuim's hoard, earning the snake god's ire, though she considers him a buffoon at most and not truly a threat or a rival.

Cult of Voniana Theevrolde[edit | edit source]

Gnomes are the only race who worship Voniana in any meaningful capacity. Their worship of her is treated very casually compared to most other religions; they generally only call for her in moments of desperation, and actual priesthood in her name is very rare. The goddess herself pays little mind to this and is content with her followers simply paying respect in the form of small idols and symbols, often taking the form of a small image of Voniana observing a gem between her fingertips.

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