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Vulcardentron is the current elemental lord of fire.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Red God is creature taking the form of a colossal reptilian whose body is covered in dozens of immense, sharpened spikes. His head is adorned in three pairs of curved horns and a prominent pair of tusks. A hardened carapace of magma protects his breast and general torso area, and such is the heat that is emitted from his body that it causes water to boil away and stones to melt.

History[edit | edit source]

Vulcardentron is an old elemental being, who ascended into the rank of lord by challenging his predecessor and crushing his body upon his massive jaws. Under his control, the Plane of Fire grew more intolerant to the presence of outsiders than ever before, leading to many wars between the inhabitants of that realm and the elementals of the neighbouring planes over control over their borders.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Vulcardentron is the current ruler of the Plane of Fire, a landscape of white hot heat, with rivers and seas of fire, lava and molten metal, mountains of compacted ash, and burning skies filled with smoke and curtains of flame.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Tusked Lord of Flame is a dangerous and territorial creature, who believed fire elementals to be superior to others. Like a raging flame, he feels compelled to devour and consume all within his realm, leading him to wage war against his neighbours with little provocation. Most fire elementals indulge in Vulcardentron's destructive nature, though many argue he is not truly malicious; like a flame, is is his nature to seek more fuel, harming those along the way. He is also known to respect the heart of the Elemental Plane, where the elemental vortex which feeds the Firmament is located, and has never held any intention in meddling with it.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

As he desires to consume and grow in strength, Vulcardentron sees all other elemental lords as rivals.

Gods who hold sway over fire but are not elemental in origin are seen by the Lord of the Inferno as highly offensive, seeing them as attempting to usurp him and his followers of their home. Most good deities consider him utterly unapproachable, while evil ones may attempt to appease him, but are not exempt of his wrath should he lose his patience with them.

Cult of Vulcardentron[edit | edit source]

Vulcardentron is worshipped as the patron of all inhabitants of the Plane of Fire.

In Telamon, spellcasters who dedicate themselves to fire-based magic may hold allegiance to Vulcardentron. He is known to have a small but significant following in the nation of Eryliana.

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