Withered Ones

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There is an evil power that dwells in the mountains to the north. Those unaware of that evil fall prey to its magic; all beings that lose their way in the labyrinths of stone never return. And they change - time strips them of their mortality, their sanity; withering them down to nothing but their husks that wander aimlessly, as if they are still trying to find their way out of that hell.
โ€” Unknown

The Withered ones are a type of Undead that inhabits the Skaurovirn Mountains in Scaurai. They are markers of the dark miasma that pollutes the region; the reason behind their transformations.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Whether they are humanoid or not, Withered ones possess collective characteristics. Withered ones possess icy white flesh and a mummified physique; evidently dried out and frozen by the unforgiving landscape of the Skaurovirn mountains. The faces of the Withered ones appeared somewhat 'melted' - their eye sockets and mouths are partially sewn together by fused flesh. Withered ones seem to be somewhat immune to decomposition however, or decompose very slowly due to the environment. Regardless, most Withered ones appear to be blind due to an absence of eyes, although their sense of hearing appears to be rather keen. Most Withered ones have slow, shambling gaits as is normal for the undead, and Withered ones once capable of flight are no longer able to fly. It is not known whether Withered ones truly live indefinitely.

History[edit | edit source]

The first Withered ones were likely tribal cultures surrounding the Skaurovirn Mountains, somewhere around nine thousand years ago. Judging by what is known by the transformation into the Withered ones, their mutations were likely very slow and happened over a number of years. Much like those who lose themselves in the maze-like mountains, These tribal peoples slowly lost their minds as the murky fog that permeates the region began to attack their very being - eventually rendering them unliving and incapable of complex thought. The same has happened for many beings, civilised and wildlife alike, as it has been noted that creatures such as horses have been seen exhibiting the same transformations. It is known that dragons that once inhabited the area millennia ago also suffered from the transformation into becoming a Withered one. Like the rest of the Withered ones, Withered Dragons are mummified and blind, and are incapable of flight, although are capable of projecting a breath akin to a flurry of a tar-like substance similar to the polluted waters of the region, capable of potentially mutating whatever it touches.

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