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Knowers of Secrets[edit | edit source]

All wizards have learned one secret/spell which they maximize and munchkin to absolute absurdity, each "school" of magic is just a single spell or effect that multiple wizards know. Once a wizard learns a spell it carves out/changes their mind so no other spell/secret can "fit". The wizard with the secret of "kittens" can pull cats out of his sleeve, influence kittens, and be surprisingly effective in battle by using "masses" of cats or "beams" of yowling thrashing felines. The wizard with the secret of life and death can bring back the dead as minions.

Wizard spells are predominantly only line of sight/resolution of vision. This is why wizards like towers and use telescopes and microscopes.

Wizards are something of an innovator trap, those who are lone geniuses and likely to discover scientific breakthroughs usually become wizards before they get the work done. After they have become a wizard their secret consumes them.

The obsessive focused solely on teasing out a single detail of the universe, or enamored with a single object or animal is prime material for a wizard. However one who observes and learns without that consuming or singular obsession is unlikely to become one.

Sometimes the obsession is with wizardry itself but the results of unfortunates are often considered failures.

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