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Wqger is a xenoplane (a subreality with characteristics that widely deviate from expected standards) from the Hanshiuk metasphere. It is called the Arctic Void for being in the "North Pole" of the Metasphere.

Dynamics[edit | edit source]

In Wqger there is no light, as Photons cannot travel the solid spacetime. It is thus eternally infinitely dark and the only way in which you could see is bumping into still photons directly. These photons are invariably imported from other realities since nothing generates them locally.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Most living forms from the rest of the Omniverse would immediately assume anything resembling life is impossible in such extreme conditions. They would be wrong. Wqger is home to the lifeforms known as the Bugs of Despair.

The "Bugs of Despair" are actually a conglomerate of different species, allegedly none of them sapient, though the poor understanding of this dimension precludes having more information.

Cultural depictions[edit | edit source]

The Mnwarh people, from other plane in the metasphere, have several legends that mention Wqger, none of them particularly flattering about its contents. It has been used as a metaphor for eternal torment and infinite punishment. The worst part of the torment is being condemned to be with yourself forever. This is integrated with the Mnwarh vision over introspection and loneliness, summarized in a quote easily translated as saying "Hell is no other people".

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