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Template:Deity Wulven is a force of nature associated with predators, the full moon, wilderness and freedom, who prowls the wilderness of the world during the full moon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Wulven resembles a dire wolf with snowy white fur, rows of spikes growing from his spine and an unusual size; he may choose to appear as an actual wolf, or may appear enormous, large enough to raise his head above the treetops. One thing that distinguishes him from a common wolf are is his eyes, which shine a constant white light and are devoid of pupils. Wulven's body is covered in scars from past hunts.

History[edit | edit source]

Wulven is believed to have wandered the wilderness since the beginning of written history, with tales of a legendary giant wolf being somewhat common among northern cultures. He is credited as the creator of the first werewolves, after cursing a band of hunters who dared attempt to strike him down.

There is evidence found in Primordial ruins that Wulven was involved in the Great Gap as one of the gods who fought the demon lords unleashed by Varagarash Narahil. Such tales describe an enormous wolf tearing through legions of demons and ripping many lesser lords to pieces with his fangs.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Wulven has no realm of his own, but rather has the potential to be found in any large portion of woodland in Telamon. He prefers to dwell in the northern hemisphere, making him more easily spotted across the forests and taigas of Gromkazul, Eusheth and Adaman. Wulven only manifests during full moons, and as such can only be found in a few days per month.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wulven is a free spirit, content to prowl the wilds of the world for the sake of satiating his desire for the thrill of hunting other beings. When confronted by a possible threat, he displays extreme ferocity, always employing all of his power in order to show his might to his opponents, and he takes great joy in violence and slaughter. While he shows indifference to most creatures, he is emphatic to canines in general, while showing great disdain for demons, who he is particularly eager to hunt down and destroy.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Lord of the Pack generally sees other divinities as prey unless they defeat him in combat, in which case he comes to respect them. He hates all demons and other beings who would defile or corrupt nature, treating them as vermin who don't even deserve to be devoured.

Cult of Wulven[edit | edit source]

Wulven has no organized church, as he does not favour organized civilization. Rather, he grants his blessings to shamans and tribal cultures who he has a closer bond with. He is also worshipped by many werewolves, as they believe him to be the source of their affliction, with many surrendering themselves into their primal instincts in emulation of the demigod's own nature.

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