Xuk Verminbone

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You want to know recipe for success? Fire! Sorcery! Machines! Sorcerous fire-spewing machines of death!
โ€” Xuk Verminbone on his work philosophy

Xuk Verminbone is the Rakash lord of Clan Chemicus, one of the great clans of the Skitterfall, and one of the ultimate leaders of the entire Under-Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

Born from a common litter of rat spawn in the under-city of Murdrath, Xuk elevated himself in the ranks of Clan Chemicus thanks to being gifted with immense intelligence and cunning. As he achieved the rank of Warlock-Alchemist, his concoctions became well-known through Clan Chemicus, with many asking for his service and allegiance; by playing his cards right, Xuk instead convinced such individuals to follow him instead, cultimating with the assassination of his predecessor, Vermatch Grindbone, and his ascension into clan-lord. To assert his position, display his power and ensure none would rise against him, he had all those who helped him achieve his goal transformed into rat-hulks.

Features[edit | edit source]

Xuk Verminbone is a fearsome figure; shrouded in a dark green lab coat, wearing a gas mask which obscures his head and a mechanical backpack filled with liquified demonic energies, he appears more construct than rat, and not even his fellow clan-lords quite know what hides underneath. He has lived far past the lifespan of a common Rakash, but endures thanks to machine and magic enhancements provided by his backpack, though he walks with a noticeble hunchback.

Sadistic beyond redemption, Verminbone delights in inventing new ways to cause destruction. He prides himself with claims of being the most intelligent ratman ever born, and while such a claim is bold, there is some truth to it. Xuk believes that a combination of magic and technology will allow the Under-Empire to destroy its foes, and that all races of the surface world are potential test subjects to see it done.

Relations[edit | edit source]

  • Ambivalent
    • Kaltretch Thane-Slayer - Xuk deals closely with Kaltretch in developing new weapons of mass destruction, but dislikes his brutish demeanor.
    • Zhakch the Plaguelord - While loyal to the priesthood of Skanqrak, Xuk finds Zhakch insufferable and annoying.
    • Skialk Shadowmaul - Xuk and the Duskmaster keep each other at arm's reach, as Clan Shivus and Clan Chemicus often use each other's resources.
  • Enemies
    • N/A

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