Yevek Gorthoadum

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Yevek Gorthoadum
The Most Excellent
File:Yevek Gorthoadum of Scheveningen, Official Portait.jpg
Portait of Raadspensionaris Gorthoadum.
Biographical Information
Reign+543 to Present
PredecessorBorost:Hodrick Ivonen
HeirBorost:Benor Gorthoadum
Other Titles
Born21 of Aalderas, +470
Scheveningen, Vaalsebossen
FatherBorost:Zoruk Gorthoadum
MotherBorost:Karola Henmar
HouseBorost:Clan Gorthoadum
SpouseBorost:Nerissia Gorthoadum
IssueSee below.
File:Sigil of Clan Gorthoadum of Scheveningen.png

Yevek Gorthoadum, nicknamed Silent Senator, is the Raadspensionaris of Scheveningen and the leader of Borost:Clan Gorthoadum.

Lifespan[edit | edit source]

Birth and infancy[edit | edit source]

Yevek was born into a rather happy Dwarven Household. His father, Zorúk Gorthoadum had married Carola Henmar out of a combination of love and a union of the two most powerful merchant households in Scheveningen. Being the eldest of the two children birthed of this loving couple, Yevek was prepared from youth in the ways of monetary affairs; business deals, running an enterprise, the value of goods, investments in material goods, so on and so forth. Mathematics and the art of economics became his forte and he grew up around other such upper class Dwaekar children.

University studies[edit | edit source]

He attended the finest university in Scheveningen at the age of 16 - where he continued to study economics under the famed merchant-scholar Hubert Izzon, a Dwaekar most renowned. Additionally however, the youthful heir to the Gorthoadum House sought for something greater than the ideals of the monetary world and studied politics as well in the university. When he finally left the university at age 21 he began on what he called "my youthful journeys."

Travels around Borost[edit | edit source]

Here he travelled to the Dwaekar Freeholds. Especially those along the coast, to witness true mercantile finesse at its finest. It was here where he met the woman whom he would marry - Nerissia from a minor house of nobility. The two took a monumental liking to eachother and she joined him on his journey back to Scheveningen. Now at age 29, Yevek returned to the town of his birth with his fiancee and the two settled back down in the grand manor of Yevek's ancestral home.

Growth of Clan Gorthoadum[edit | edit source]

Life was to continue as normal, with a marriage and children following the settling down. However, at age 36, Yevek inherited the patriarchal title of his household after the untimely death of his father. Superceding his period of grieving, the patriarch soon got to work. With his understanding of economics he began a revitalisation of his house's wealth. Purchasing land, industry, caravans, stocks in whatever he could get his hand on. The coin rolled in and for a time he grew comfortable. His children attended the same university he had been to - each allowed to pursue whatever they wished as long as economics was one of them. An event changed Yevek's view on life however. The death of his second son, whom had wished to study politics like his father, left him a dramatic realisation that he only realised after his second period of grieving. He needed to do something incredibly worth-while in his existence.

Political career[edit | edit source]

Kel had put him on this world for a reason, and because of that, at the age of 53 - he began his political career which reached its height in his elder age of 71 - when he was elected "Raadspensionaris" of Scheveningen. He wishes to cease the oppression of the Elves, but he knows this is more than a dream than a goal. On the other hand, he wishes to crush the relatively well known Borostim revolutionary faction that has begun in the regions to Scheveningen's west.

Family and children[edit | edit source]

Titles and decorations[edit | edit source]

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