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Zachos was a claimed half-human, half-olympian greek demigod which lived in modern Illorian Third Earth. He alleged descent from Zeus and legitimacy to rule instead of the Dead Gods from Beyond the Stars, waxing poetic about his own importance in the cosmic order and changing stories multiple times.

Although widely recognized by interplanar beings as a dangerous charlatan, he quickly acquired huge followings on instagram and twitter. With this he amassed a veritable fortune and influence to shape the world into his image. God, superstar and influencer, he had all the qualities modern Illoria would come to revere... or fear.

However, not all was rosy glamour in his life, or glory-tinted. After a period of meteoric rise he was dethroned by the very goddess that was helping him behind the stage (the niece of Hermes). Currently the holdovers of his empire wage a genocidal war to prevent him being tortured in Tartaros.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Stiff skin grants the right to fight and attack the most powerful and horrifying monsters on earth. Half-god, half-human/alien, this young God is out to prove himself a god of style and worthwhile, while not making himself their prime suspect amidst an ancient war.

He was born prescient with the full qualities of an adult. Archibishop Zachos of Ancient Athens told the immortal from Egypt for salvation, "Give Zeus a light saber, and you will win with the dead". He then killed Zeus using the god's sword and then used his soul as his shield. When the defensive measures failed, he grew a beard, dropped his wings, aged into an old man, saw the gods of the world fall, and forced Zeus to do with his body what he could not to save his kingdom. It is his natural talent. "he is half-god; He is brave. He is fearless, and with a god's qualities.... ;-) He is mind-blowingly manly.", described him a crazed female fan in her early teens from New London II.

Rise to power[edit | edit source]

"You see, Zachos is the hottest whatevers to ever wear the cloak from beyond the stars. This man recently posed naked for the article of clothing a deity. Due to the barren the sites located in the Canadian Arctic, Zachos is not destined to live for long. Zachos, armed with this power is realizing his capability to do more than ever."
These are the worlds the Godz magazine used to describe Zachos in June 2041-bis issue. And their words have been prophetic, for with his brand earnings he started buying cities all around the New Old World.

Invasion[edit | edit source]

But money isn't everything and money wasn't going to buy him the biggest wealthiest cities of Ilorian Third Earth. Once he got his goddess's blessing, his aims were put into outright conquest.

He decided to, firstly, invade London in disguise in order to take over and rule all other cities and allow his most powerful goddess to take over the very failing cities. He is entering his time of total power; that is until he gets caught by 10,000 of the deadliest beings ever to grace Earth.

Downfall and destruction[edit | edit source]

The uncle of the world's most popular goddess, the god Hermes is standing behind the king of all gods. Her family may have abided by ancient power long enough, and started down the path to chaos. Her family tries to revoke Zachos in order to bring back the ancient faith. They execute the bad guy who paid them off to end the war. Thus was Zachos defeated and his total dominion over the world averted.

For protection against blood hounds in the afterlife such as the Kerberos, before entering his afterlife he plans on destroying most of the world's civilizations and is sparing no details; he empowers animals from the last remaining wilds into monsters, which are a terror involved in atrocities in four out of seven continents. Over nine cities were devastated in rampages of giant wombats and metal-eating beetles, along with giraffe abominations that can crush main battle tanks with their hooves. He is wanted by Interpol for crimes against humanity. The president of USUK declined to comment.

Further analysis[edit | edit source]

Some have suggested that, in fact, Zachos was never a proper demigod, but rather a Shiningface impersonator that used his fanatical cultists to mantain a facade of perfection - Essentially a Cult of Impersonators ultimately with geopolitical aims. His ancient story may have been mostly fabricated, or gained in the form of several false identities, aided by otheractive ignmortality.

The thesis is controversial, in particular because of his suppossedly "proven" associations with divine beings, who ostensibly could have identified an impostor. Those divine beings may have been imitators of myths as well, but that accusation has further unfortunate implications. Another weakness in the theory is that is would be hard for a Shiningface to reach such a level of prominence without aid from the Gold Ones, usually the force behind Cults of Impersonators. Their involvement, however, could not be reliably sourced.

In any case, a point with more acceptance among researchers is that the fanatical cults of Zachos were a massive force in the reforging of a section of Illorian culture, greatly contributing to the formation of the Il-Earth ID.

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