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Risen Corpse Servants[edit | edit source]

Take a dead body, prepare its flesh and bones with a tight weave of the spirits of those very same parts. And infuse it with magic. Tie another spirit, spell or Soul into the head or chest to drive and operate it and you will now have your very own zombie.

Anything which was alive can be animated in this manner. Even inanimate rock or ice can technically be driven to move like this if the spirits of flesh and bone can be made or cajoled to stick to it.

Zombies are generally the simplest and easiest form of Corse to produce. The construction and spirit binding growing easier the more intact the original body is.

Of note however, although the body can move and act as if it is alive, it cannot repair itself naturally in any way. The damage that accumulates on the body will remain until manually repaired.

In addition the spirits which allow a Zombie to move are constantly needing to be sustained in some way lest they degenerate and dissolve. The most expedient way to accomplish this is to simply have the zombie devour meat in order to strip the spirit from the flesh and replace lost spirits.

This however is extremely inefficient and crude, much more refined mechanisms of selecting and binding spells and spirits to bone can be put into place with better crafted zombies.

The most well constructed zombies are effectively eternal, their spirits stable. Capable of functioning indefinitely anywhere with enough ambient spirit.

However wear and tear generally prevents a zombie from lasting much longer than ten years of activity before falling apart, although this can be greatly extended with maintenance and replacement parts.

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